Schedule Change

The trial will start on Saturday.  We will meet for tracking at the Maverick Gas Station in Pahrump (3010 NV-160 Pahrump, NV 89048) at 6AM.  All trail participants and spectators need to be at the Maverick by 6AM where we will caravan to the tracking field.  We ask that spectators for Tracking do not bring their dog(s) to the tracking field.

Date: December 16, 2017 Trial
Place: Petrack Park in Pahrump, NV
Time:  Tracking Saturday December 16th meet @ 6AM at the Maverick
           OB/PRO Saturday December 16th starting @ 9AM  (estimated)

Judge: Frank Phillips
Helper: Mario Erazo
Tracking: Plowed fields
Titles offered: BH, IPO 1-3, APR 1-3, UPr 1-3, FPr 1-3, FH

We would like to thank Horton's Quality K-9 for their generous discount for our tracking articles.

Frank Phillips has been involved in Schutzhund/IPO for 20 years and has held the following positions:

USCA Working Dog Judge, IPO since 2007
2012-Present USCA Vice-President
2006-2010 USCA Executive Board member
2003-2005 New England Regional Director
USA Classified Teaching Helper

 In 2002 he started Southern New Hampshire Working Dog Club and has been active at the club level as President, Training Director and Club training Helper for 18 years.  He also worked as Back Half Trial Helper for 3 Regional Championships  He is a 5 time member of the SchH3/IPO3 club and competed with 4 of those at National Championships. He has competed in over 20 National Championships and 15 Regional Championships and is a USCA Master Sports Training Medal Recipient.

December 2017 Trial

Mario Erazo is from Los Angeles, CA and is a Certified USCA National Level Helper.  He has worked thousands of Dogs in IPO, Ring Sport, Personal Protection and Law Enforcement. Mario has worked with many handlers and still enjoys helping handlers of all levels train and title their dogs. He continues to work with numerous clubs in the South Western Region on a regular basis.  Mario's experience includes:

  • 20 plus years experience as a USCA helper
  • Helper for over 100 club trials
  • 2016 USCA Regional Championship Helper
  • 2015 RKNA National Championship Helper
  • 2010 USCA Regional Championship Helper
  • 2009 DVG National Championship Helper
  • 2003 DVG Regional Championship Helper
  • 1998 USCA Regional Championship Helper

Frank Phillips

Mario Erazo