Nicole Kwarciak with Falcor



I am a new member, first time German Shepherd owner, and brand new to the sport Shultzhound. I am a friend to one of the members(Moriah) and was always interested in hearing about her training and her dogs. She invited me to observe their training and a trial and I fell in love. Moriah helped me choose and become an owner of my first German Shepherd, Falcor, and my journey began. I have a deep love for animals and am always wanting to learn new things  This club has made me feel like family and is always willing to help from training tips to lending me equipment until I was able to get my own. Everyone is so helpful and nice and during trainings or trials everybody keeps an upbeat attitude and helps each other out. I look forward to what my future holds and the experiences that come my way with this club.

Moriah Azoulai-Treasurer

During the time I trained with the Kenai club, I decided I wanted a puppy out of working lines so our Training Director, Roman Bratslovsky, let me have a pup from one of his litters.  Zena was drivey and a joy to train.  I made a bunch of rookie training mistakes, but thanks to the Kenai club’s training philosophy of supporting their members and seminaring with high quality trainers, Zena and I were able to get our BH, OB1,2; TR1,2,3; and SchH 1 titles.

Jeanine Tucker-Secretary

I had an older GSD too and she was so depressed when Badger and I went to training that I started taking her too.  KC was successful at the BH and would have made a good competitor had she been younger.  She enjoyed the training though so I was happy to take her.

Dave-Vice President

Moriah with Brisco

I started training in 1999 when I lived in Alaska because I had a German Shepherd Dog, Badger, that was people and dog aggressive when he turned a year old.  As a puppy I had socialized him at the usual places, but as he got older he started to bare is teeth and lunge at people and dogs when he was on leash.  I was unsure what to do when Jim and Kelly Sullivan invited me to bring him to the Kenai Schutzhund Club (KSC).  As it turns out, Badger was fearful and the KSC helped me work with him to build his confidence so he could go through life without being afraid.  Badger was never a good Schutzhund candidate, although he did get his AD title.  It took two tries to get the BH title and OB 1 was scored at 48 points which was actually quite generous.

In 2004, Jim and Kelly had a litter and I was lucky enough to get a puppy to work.  Trapper is a great dog and although it took us a long time to get titled to IPO3, it was not because he wasn’t capable.  In 2005 when I retired we moved from AK to MT and the closest club was over 200 miles away.  I trained Trapper by myself and then drove to Centralia, WA and we got our BH at the HOT Tournament in 2007.  When we moved to NV in 2008, we were gypsies and seminared and trialed with a variety of clubs in CA and NV. 


I found the O. G. Red Rock Schutzhund Club in Pahrump, NV which fits my training needs and was lucky to be able to join as a founding member.  The members believe in providing quality training, supporting each other through training challenges and trial wins and losses, and offering true friendship.  Members are always willing to share expertise, equipment and encouragement which adds to the fun and fulfillment of the sport.

Now I’m working Bullet, another pup from Jim and Kelly’s kennel and Axel.  Bullet and I were successful for the IPO3 and Axel has his BH.


Trapper at Bernhard Flinks Seminar