There are no working spots available for this seminar but there is still room for spectators.  The fee for spectators is $100.   Working participants and spectators also have access to tracking prior to the seminar and protection after the seminar.    The helpers planned for this event are Mario Erazo and others.    The weather has been cold and rainy so the tracking fields are muddy or frozen in the early morning.  The tracking fields may be dried out by Saturday or Sunday but will be too muddy to use on Friday.                      


                                           Friday February 22
Seminar begins                              9:00 am

‚Äč     Carmelo's Bistro
     1440 East Highway 372  Pahrump, NV 89048

     Parking is available in the side lots-no parking in the front please 

Protection  (Ian Deutch Park)         5:30 pm (Field 4)

                                            Saturday February 23 
Tracking                                         6:30 am
Seminar begins (Ian Deutch Park) 9:00 am  (Field 4)

Protection                                       5:00 pm (or after seminar)

                                             Sunday February 24 
Tracking                                          6:30 am
Seminar begins (Ian Deutch Park)  9:00 am  (Field 4)
Lunch will be at the field for a small fee.

Coffee and pastries will be available in the morning sessions 

Ian Deutch Park-
1600 Honeysuckle St, Pahrump, NV 89048  Field 4

Tracking venue TBA

Schedule may change as we get closer to the seminar date


Gabina Macounova Seminar

February 22-24, 2019

Seminar Schedule